Houseplant Appreciation Day

Tomorrow, January 10th is National Houseplant Appreciation Day.  Why do we need a houseplant appreciation day?  Well, the Christmas tree has come down; we’ve swept up the last of the wrapping paper, and the poinsettia is sitting in a corner dropping leaves (because it really wants to be in front of that sunny window over there).  The house is looking distinctly less festive than it did a couple of weeks ago.  But we can fix that!

How about putting a beautiful dracaena in that corner where the tree was?  Dracaenas are low-light tolerant and fairly easy houseplants with beautiful glossy strap-like leaves.  If there’s a sunny window there, well, a ficus tree or Schefflera or areca palm would thrive in a sunny spot.

That east window where the wreath hung a few days ago could have a pretty little African violet or Phalaenopsis orchid thriving in that morning sun and that sunny south-facing kitchen window could be home to a family of succulents—from a fat little round cactus to a jade plant or even an aloe vera—its plump leaves just waiting for you to get a burn or cut it can help to heal.

But it’s more than just brightening up a post-holiday house.  Plants are good for us.  During the process of photosynthesis, plants actually clean the air in our homes, removing such harmful substances as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, and benzene. Another side benefit of photosynthesis is that plants also release oxygen!

And there’s more!  Studies at the Agricultural University of Norway showed that the natural humidity from indoor plants decreases problems with dry skin, even colds, and sore throats!  And a study at Kansas State University found that hospital patients in rooms with indoor plants tend to heal faster than patients in rooms without plants.

Need further convincing?  Two Norwegian studies found that workers are happier and more productive in a plant enhanced work environment.  How much happier could we be if those plants were in the home environment, as well?

We’ve got everything you need here at The Great Big Greenhouse—from a great selection of plants to knowledgeable employees to answer any questions you may have.

By the way, every year, we pick the month of February to be our annual Houseplant Month—with free educational seminars every Saturday on a variety of gardening topics and free repotting of houseplants.

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