February is Houseplant Month at The Great Big Greenhouse

Celebrate Houseplant Month this February

ENHANCE YOUR LIFE WITH PLANTS TROPICAL PLANTS ARE MORE THAN JUST DECORATIVE ACCENTS IN OUR HOME OR OFFICE This is our 15th year with highlighting houseplants during the month of February. Let our Professional Staff assist you. We pride ourselves with carrying the best and largest selection of tropical plants in the Richmond area. Have … Read more

How to Grow Holiday Cactus

Learn how to grow holiday cactus

One of the plants you’ll see almost everywhere this time of year is Christmas/Thanksgiving/Holiday cactus. So here is what you need to know about these beautiful seasonal bloomers. Did You Know…. Holiday cacti are a small genus of plants called Schlumbergera. They are native to a small area in the coastal mountains of south-eastern Brazil, … Read more

Danger Signals on Indoor Plants

Here are some danger signs of houseplant problems

Now that your houseplants have been inside for a few weeks, here are a few things to look for: Yellow Leaves Yellow leaves can be a sign of two very different problems. They are often a sign that light-craving plants are not getting enough light—weeping figs and citrus are famous for this. Moving to a … Read more

October Gardening Tasks for 2022

It's now time to start with your October gardening chores

FALL IS IN THE AIR WITH SHORTER DAYLIGHT HOURS AND COOLER TEMPERATURES Thank goodness for Tropical Storm Ian bringing us some much-needed rainfall. Up until Ian, September was very dry for us. As a matter of fact, as of September 28th, we have only had less than an inch of rain for the entire month … Read more

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