September Gardening Chores

September gardening chores

HURRAH! SEPTEMBER IS FINALLY HERE September is the beginning month of the FALL IS FOR PLANTING SEASON. I want to share my thoughts on August. Yes, August was hot. Nothing too unusual. But the last week of August was lovely. Westend Richmond and Northern Chesterfield got a good soaking of rain, much needed as we … Read more

Ten Fun Peony Facts

Peony arew a wonderful addition to any garden. Read on for ten peony facts you may not know about.

In the spring, I sit on my deck and admire the peonies in the back of my yard. In the morning I watch the occasional bunny hop around, but they leave the peonies alone. So do the deer! And the fragrance of the peonies is wonderful. I appreciate the beauty that they have brought to … Read more

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