LET’S TALK GARDENING – June is Perennial Garden Month


The PPA has selected the 2021 Perennial Plant of the Year. This year the PPA is promoting Calamintha nepetaCat Mint‘CAT’S PAJAMAS’ as the 2021 Perennial Plant of the Year. Each year PPA chooses a perennial to honor that is suitable for a wide range of growing climates, requires low maintenance, has multiple seasons of interest, and is relatively pest/disease-free.

Cat’s Pajamas was chosen because of all the wonderful characteristics that all Nepeta varieties have to offer a gardener. Cat’s Pajama’s grows only one foot tall with beautiful dark lavender blooms. It will make a perfect border plant for any full sun garden.

Nepeta is a perennial herb that is a member of the mint family. If you are looking for a tough, easy-care perennial that is sun-loving—then nepeta is your plant.

In general, Nepeta is heat and drought-resistant. Its minty, aromatic leaves make it rabbit and deer-resistant. The blooms of different varieties will vary from shades of lavender, blue/pink, or white. The bloom time is from late spring and the way into fall.

To me, the most beautiful characteristic of Nepeta is that it attracts bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects. And, it is non-toxic to animals.

There are so many great varieties of Nepeta. One of my favorite varieties is Walker’s Low.

Come see us because we have such a great selection of Nepeta. And, come enjoy seeing all the bees having fun on the plants.

If you decide to give Nepeta a try, the first year will need frequent watering but once rooted catmint becomes drought tolerant.

PLANT A LITTLE HAPPINESS!!! And, show your support for our pollinators!!!

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    • Lena,
      Good Morning.
      I am not sure exactly what you want to know about Four O’Clock plants. Their name comes from the fact that they tend to come into bloom later in the day. What I do know is that they grow easily from seed ( we do not sell the actual plant). We will have seed available again come next winter. They love to be planted in full sun. Actually, Four O’clocks are considered a “tender” perennial – meaning that they can come back every year ( as long as we don’t have a harsh winter in which case that could kill the underground tuber. Four O’clocks are not poisonous. So, I hope that I answered your question on Four O’Clock plants. Doug

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