Moss in the Lawn


Lately, homeowners have been coming into the garden center to talk about moss they have discovered growing in their lawns. Most want to know why and what they can do to eliminate the moss. Some other homeowners are OK with having a moss-covered yard.

Here are some primary reasons why moss would be growing on your lawn:

  1. The area is shaded—primarily by large trees.
  2. The soil stays moist longer because of the shade.
  3. The soil is acidic.
  4. The ground is very compact.

We carry a moss-killing product such as MOSS OUT. But, as I have learned, these products kill only the existing moss. It won’t cure the cause. Moss will eventually return unless you work on the reasons for moss growing in your lawn.

Here is what I recommend you do for a long-term solution to moss growth in your lawn:

  1. Work on lessening the shade. This may require removing some tree limbs to allow more sunlight to reach the ground. This will also allow more air movement in the area.
  2. With more sunlight and air movement, hopefully, the soil will have the natural ability to dry out some between rainfalls.
  3. Test the pH of the soil. I am sure it is very acidic. Adding lime gypsum can aid in raising the pH and helping with soil compaction.
  4. Aerate the area with core aeration. Core aeration pulls a plug of soil out of the ground, which helps loosen the dirt and, at the same time, helps in allowing oxygen to get into the soil. You may need to aerate two to three times a year to keep the soil as loose as possible. With these little divots in the ground, you can add organic matter to the earth.

By no means is getting rid of moss growth permanently an easy task. It will take hard work and time. On the other hand, some homeowners have accepted that they have moss and will allow it to grow over the area and take over. At my last house, I finally allowed moss to take over my backyard, shaded by many trees. I thought it looked beautiful.


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