TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – Gardening Tips for November


Here we are in early November with the holidays just around the corner and we are still having great weather to be outside and doing needed gardening tasks.  Yes, it feels like fall with our current temperatures but we have yet to have a killing frost.  But, we continue to have a mild fall up to this point which means the planting season is still here.

FALL IS FOR PLANTING so don’t let our calendar dictate your gardening activities.  With all this rain and with our soil temperature staying warm this combination creates a good planting time.  Roots continue to grow and develop this time of year and plants planted now will have nearly 7 months of development before the possible stress of heat and dryness next summer.


  • Our evergreen plants have had a great growing season with all this rain and mild temperatures and they may look a little “out of shape”.   PLEASE – do not prune your evergreen plants now.  Once we have a cold snap that sends our plants into dormancy then you can consider doing some judicious pruning.  Just keep in mind that for most evergreen plants it is best to prune in early March, just before the upcoming growing season.
  • Because of this warm trend, it is still an ok time to add some more grass seed to the lawn – especially if you discover some bare areas.  Our soil temperature is still warm enough for good germination.
  • With all this rain that we are experiencing this year now is a good time to turn off your irrigation system for the winter.  You want to avoid having frozen backflows.
  • If you love to feed the birds, now is a good time to set out the birdfeeders.  The decision to feed wild birds is not a casual one.  Without a doubt, it is an investment to keep bird feeders full.  With this investment comes plenty of personal rewards and enjoyment. And  –  a birdfeeder makes a great holiday gift to someone.
  • Now is a good time to prep your water gardens and water fountains for the winter.  If you don’t use a water heater in the fountain then it is recommended that you turn the fountain bowl upside down so that water does not collect in the bowl and freeze that may cause cracking.
  • You can still plant the spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, hyacinths, and tulips.
  • Closer to the end of November is the time to apply the last feeding to our cool season fescue lawns.  This timely feeding aids in the development of a strong root system.  With a strong root system the lawn will be better able to withstand drought conditions next summer.
  • On nice, warm November days please take some time to walk about your gardens.  Take time to reflect on the successes and failures of your different garden projects.  Make notes for wanting to do something new or different next year.
  • Leaves are falling.  Leaves are an excellent source of organic matter and other nutrients.  They can be added to the compost pile or used as mulch around plants for the winter.  Thank Mother Nature for the free compost / mulch.


7 thoughts on “TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – Gardening Tips for November”

    • Scott – Thank you for reading my blog and taking time to send in your gardening question. Plants are in the process of going dormant for the season. Even though Holly Tone is an excellent organic food, you may want to wait until the first part of February to apply it around your plants. By waiting to February will allow the applied Holly Tone time to work down to the root system in time for the upcoming growing season.

  1. Is sod still available this late in the year and can it be used to fill-in some small areas that have been destroyed by erosion from all the rain we have had this year?

    • Mr. Brundage,
      First, thank you for taking time to read my blogs and send me your gardening question. We are finished selling sod for the season. However, if you can find it elsewhere you still have time to lay it down and be successful. We have plenty of moisture in our soil and our soil temperature is still warm. Doug

  2. Hello Doug, two questions about my Rose of Sharon. Is it ok to prune now and when is the best time of year to transplant it?


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