BONNIE’S GARDEN – Fall Is For Planting

Fall is less than a month away!  (Gosh, I feel like summer just got here–)  It’s time to begin thinking about how to get the most from your fall garden.  Here are some suggestions.

Plant pansies and violas: One of the most popular cool-season flowers, they’re available in a wide range of colors.  They’ll bloom most of the winter, though they’ll often “hunker down” to wait out the coldest part.  But they’ll resume blooming very early spring—all the way until we yank them up to make room for warm-season flowers.  They’ll bloom best in full to part-sun.

Plant mums: There are many different flower shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from.  Because they are so inexpensive, some people grow them as annuals and just toss them when a hard freeze finally takes them out.   To grow as a perennial, plant them in the ground as soon as you get them, so their roots have a chance to grow a little before a hard freeze.  Mulch well over winter.  Remember, lots of sun means lots of flowers.

Plant asters: Asters are late summer/fall blooming perennials with masses of beautiful daisy-like flowers in a variety of colors.  Butterflies love them for the nectar but, even better, they are a “host” plant for numerous butterfly species.  Plant them in full sun.

Plant ornamental cabbage and kale: These are pretty relatives of the same cabbage and kale in your veggie garden.  They are edible, but because they have been bred for looks, not flavor, are usually bitter.  They’re pretty and cold-tolerant—usually lasting until temperatures drop into the low teens.  While you’re planting the ornamental variety, find some space to tuck in the edible varieties (as well as broccoli, cauliflower, peas, etc.)

Plant fall-blooming bulbs: There are bulbs that bloom in the fall—fall crocus (including the saffron crocus—from which the costly spice saffron is obtained), colchicum (beautiful sprays of flowers in pink or white) and Lycoris (also known as Naked Ladies, Surprise Lilies, or Resurrection Lilies).  They are tough, durable and pest-resistant!  The bulbs are available right now.

Place a pumpkin: In a couple of weeks, pumpkins and gourds will show up.  A bright orange pumpkin (or a fun white or striped one) can brighten up a front porch.  For added punch, add a beautiful mum or pot of pansies.

Come in and let us help you decorate your yard with beautiful fall color!

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  1. Isn’t that a gorgeous display? You need to come in mid-September-ish and check out our pumpkins and gourds!

  2. Beautiful. I need to come in this wednesday or tbursday to get pansies and ornamental cabbage to plant before surgery on monday. Are tgey in stock???

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