TALKING GARDENING with DOUG – December Gardening Thoughts and Chores


Here we are in December. Mother Nature has been very kind to us when it comes to all the rain this year. We NEVER want our plants to be dry going into any cold snap.

I have a soil thermometer that I check regularly. As of December 1st, our soil temperature is 44 degrees – well above freezing. This means that you can still plant and do landscape this time of year.

As the temperatures cool down, remember our feathered friends by keeping a bird feeder filled.

Protect your outdoor fountains this winter by draining them to prevent cracking due to expanding ice, then covering them so they won’t collect rainwater.

If you received a poinsettia for the holidays and it is wrapped in decorative foil, be sure to punch some holes in the bottom in order to allow excess water to drain.

Reduce fertilizing most houseplants this time of year. Shorter day length usually means slower growth and less need for nutrients.

If or when we get snow – a helpful tip is to coat your snow shovel with a “no-stick” cooking spray, such as Pam: the snow slides right off the shovel.

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