My Perennial Highlight for September – Sedum Autumn Fire

Do you have a hot, dry, very sunny spot in your landscape that you can’t seem to find any plant to live in? If you do, then I think you should consider planting some sedums—especially AUTUMN FIRE. Basically, all sedums could be looked at as being succulent. They need lots of sunlight and excellent draining soil. Sedums are drought tolerant and low-maintenance plants. Sitting in soggy soil can kill this plant. Right now with its pinkish-red blooms, it is a show stopper.

Here is what you need to know about Sedum Autumn Joy Stonecrop and caring for this plant to enjoy its beauty in the fall.

  • AUTUMN FIRE STONECROP is a popular upright variety of stonecrop, also known as sedum. You may be more familiar with Autumn Joy, which has been around a long time and has been popular over the years. But, for some reason or other, I like the way AUTUMN FIRE looks.
  • AUTUMN FIRE wants to be in full sun. Yes, it could tolerate a little bit of shade but not much. This plant is extremely hardy—ranging from zones 3 – 9 ( we are in zone 7 ). No heat or cold snap will affect this sedum.
  • AUTUMN FIRE will grow to be 2 to 3 feet tall and just about as wide. So, with this growing dimension then be sure to plant it where it can have its needed room to grow and thrive. When given the right growing conditions, AUTUMN FIRE stonecrop will require minimal maintenance.
  • AUTUMN FIRE will have pinkish-red flowers in the late summer and fall. It has a long blooming period. It is in bloom right now.

As for maintenance, very little is required as long as it is planted correctly with the right soil and sunlight. As for doing some pruning, AUTUMN FIRE could benefit from a little tip pruning in the spring. Also, not many pests or diseases seem to bother AUTUMN FIRE. A big bonus for many of you homeowners is that all sedums are deer resistant.

If I haven’t convinced you enough to consider planting AUTUMN FIRE, then you need to come and see all our sedum collections. Hopefully, seeing AUTUMN FIRE in its glory right now will be convincing enough for you to want to add to your sunny gardens.

Plant a little happiness!!!!!!!!

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