Pawpaw Trees

Pawpaw trees

PAWPAW TREE IS BECOMING A FAVORITE UNDERSTORY TREE TO PLANT IN VIRGINIA Pawpaw, or Asimina triloba, is considered a native tree by the Virginia Native Plant Society. The fruit of the pawpaw was consumed by both Native Americans and early European settlers. At least two U.S. Presidents enjoyed pawpaw fruit. George Washington reportedly enjoyed them … Read more

My Perennial Highlight for September – Sedum Autumn Fire

Sedum autumn fire

Do you have a hot, dry, very sunny spot in your landscape that you can’t seem to find any plant to live in? If you do, then I think you should consider planting some sedums—especially AUTUMN FIRE. Basically, all sedums could be looked at as being succulent. They need lots of sunlight and excellent draining … Read more

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