Lifetime Warranty on trees and shrubs we install

Meadows Farms Lifetime Warranty is the best plant guarantee in the industry. Most landscape companies cover their plants for one year, and many others for shorter periods. Our warranty provides coverage for trees and shrubs we install for as long as you own your home. The warranty is non-transferrable, but if you are landscaping with plans to sell your home in the near future we’ll usually pass the warranty along to the new homeowner.

With this unique warranty there are a few exclusions for plants that are not reliable enough, for seasonal annuals, and perennials that are guaranteed for shorter periods. We do not guarantee individual plants for groundcovers that are sold in flats of fifty small plants since a few dead plants are expected, and this will not usually effect the ground coverage. If there are significant gaps in the coverage of ground covers we will fill the gaps. We do not warranty sod and grass seed as is the standard policy of all landscape companies.

This warranty is effective for installation contracts signed after January 1, 2020. Plants will be warrantied without time limitation to the extent that the landscaped property is owned by persons signing the AGREEMENT. Only plants purchased from and planted by MEADOWS FARMS are warrantied.

Any plant that dies must be examined by a MEADOWS FARMS representative prior to being removed from the ground. A request for inspection can be requested by phone or through our Customer Service form. Instructions for sending photos are included on the customer service webpage.

MEADOWS FARMS will not warranty any plant removed from the ground prior to inspection. No claim will be considered if the MEADOWS FARMS representative determines that the plant was not properly cared for. MEADOWS FARMS is not responsible for the replacement of plants that die or are damaged as a result of extreme acts of nature, vandalism, or mechanical injury. Refunds will not be given for warranty claims.


MEADOWS FARMS agrees to deliver and replant at no additional cost to the PURCHASER plants that die during the first twelve (12) months after installation. Replacement of dead plants (at no charge) will be authorized only once for each plant.


The PURCHASER will be given a store credit for one half (1/2) of the installed purchase price for any plant that dies (see exclusions below). Labor charges included in the plant price are not warrantied after the first year. Installation of replacement plants can be arranged by payment of the additional one half (1/2) of the original purchase price. Replacement plants of larger size (to match others that may have grown), other species, or other materials may be available subject to availability and additional charges as applicable.


Availability of same size and species is not guaranteed. Transplants, Annuals, Seasonal Bulbs, Sod, and individual plants in Groundcover flats are not warrantied. Perennials will be warrantied for one year from the installation date only. This warranty is void if the PURCHASER fails to pay in full for materials and services provided as per the AGREEMENT.

Notify our office by phone or through our website of plant problems. If you are able to attach a photograph of the dead plant or plants then we can usually arrange the replacement without sending our Customer Service representative out to visit. If not, we will inspect to verify the condition of the plant. Once the inspection is done, we will call to schedule a date to replace the dead plant.

Hardscape warranties

The warranty on Hardscape materials varies, but many of our patio and walkways paving products are covered for five years for materials and workmanship. Other Hardscape materials are covered for one year. Our Landscape Designer can provide information on warranties for Hardscape products.