The benefits of winter landscape planning mean you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces during prime weather months

It’s winter here in the Washington, D.C., Metro area. You’re bundled up from the cold, and you can see the white puffs of your breath when you venture outside. The last thing on your mind is designing and improving your home landscape. We urge you to think again! There are several advantages to starting this process during the winter months.

Get Your Plants in the Ground Sooner

Our landscape design and installation service can be busy, especially in the prime growing seasons. By starting your landscaping process now, you can get a jump start before everyone else starts thinking about their landscape plans. This jump start will allow us to schedule your installation sooner so you can enjoy your new garden oasis more and avoid waiting times during the busier seasons.

Save Money

A significant advantage of starting your landscape planning process in the winter is saving money. If you begin the design process now and sign a contract before February 15th, you can save $20 on your landscape design consultation, 10% off installed plants, and, new in 2024, 10% off installed hardscape projects for your landscape job. So those dreams of an outdoor deck or patio, summer barbeques in your outdoor kitchen, and more are closer to being a reality. So, starting early not only gets your projects in the ground sooner, but you also save money. That’s important in today’s economy.

Less Workload for Designers

Our landscape designers work long hours to ensure that all Meadows Farms landscape designs are of the highest quality possible. This dedication means that they have a considerable workload throughout our busiest seasons. By getting a jump start on your plan, our designers have more time to work with you on your project, ensuring you have the best experience possible.

Make Informed Decisions

Finally, winter is a great time to plan out a new landscape because it allows you to take your time and make more informed decisions about plant selection. It’s good to plan early on and consider what plants work best for your specific space. Additionally, we’ll be stocking the highest quality plant material, including unique varieties, during the winter and early spring. You’ll pick from the best plants while everyone else is still planning.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Overall, it might seem crazy to start planning a new landscape in the winter. Still, you can get a jump start on your installation, save money, work with award-winning designers, and make informed decisions about your landscaping needs. Go ahead and schedule a consultation with one of our designers today, and let us Plant a Little Happiness this season.

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