Annual Flowers

Planting of annuals shall be done two (2) times per year, spring and fall. Renovation of annual beds shall be accomplished once per year in the spring.
A slow release fertilizer such as Osmocote shall be incorporated in the bed at planting. Meadows Farms will be responsible for weed control by hand or mechanical means, no herbicides will be used in annual beds. Pest control will follow I.P.M. principals.

Leaf Removal

Leaves will be removed from the turf and mulched areas. Fallen leaves near natural areas will be recycled into wooded areas as appropriate. The initial removal will take place in November and the final removal in December.

Leaf Curbside Pickup

Leaves will be picked up along road side and disposed of.


Meadows Farms Lawn and Garden Care Department can provide planting services up to $1,500. Any planting requests over the limit will be referred to Meadows Farms Landscape.