Mowing, Edging, and Trimming

All turf areas shall be mowed every 7 to 10 days from mid March through mid November (estimated 32 weeks). Mower blades will be sharp at all times to provide a high quality cut and minimize disease. Mowing height will be in accordance to grass type and variety. Clippings will be left on the lawn. Clippings can be collected and removed by Meadows Farms for an extra charge*. In the case of fungal disease outbreaks, clippings will be collected until the disease is controlled.

All sidewalks, fences, driveways, parking lots, other surfaced areas bordered by grass, buildings adjacent to turf, and tree and plant rings and beds will be trimmed/edged every mowing. Meadows Farms will blow off clippings from sidewalks, curbs, and roadways immediately after mowing.


Accessible lawn areas shall be thoroughly crossed core-aerated. Cores will be pulled at a rate of 6-8 per square foot and be up to 3” in depth.


Over-Seeding of thin and bare spots at the rate of 4 lbs/1000 square feet using an improved turf grass variety seed to blend with existing turf.


Slit-Seeding of thin and bare spots at the rate of 5 lbs/1000 square feet using an improved turf grass variety seed to blend with existing turf.

Top Dressing

A ¼” of organic compost will be applied to all lawn areas to feed the soil nutrients and organic matter. Helps to relieve compaction and improve drainage.

Lawn Care (Customizable)

All turf areas shall be fertilized. All fertilizers shall be granular in composition and contain 30% – 50% of the nitrogen in slow or controlled release form. 6 treatments per year as follows: Pre-emergent, Weed & Feed, Insect Control, Iron, Fall Weed & Feed, and Winterization.

Pest Control

Meadows Farms will inspect lawn areas each visit for indications of pest problems and advise the client of such problems. Upon confirmation of a specific problem requiring treatment, pesticides will be applied as needed on a spot treatment. Records will be kept on pests identified and treatment(s) rendered for control. Pesticide applications will be made in accordance with the rules and regulations governing use of pesticides in Virginia.


All accessible lawn areas will be De-Thatched and all debris removed. Helps to relieve thatch build up.

Soil Test

Soil pH, P, K, Ca, Mg, Zn, Mn, Cu, Fe, B and estimated CEC analysis.

Lime Application

An application of limestone to all turf areas to adjust soil pH to a healthy level of 6.5.

Corrective Lawn Applications

An application of phosphate or potassium fertilizers are made as needed to correct lawn problems after a soil test is performed.