Fertilization For Ornamental Shrubs and Trees

Those planted fewer than five (5) years shall be fertilized three (3) times per year. Applications shall be made during February, May, and September.

Shrubs and trees more than five (5) years old in the landscape shall be fertilized twice a year in March and September. Shrubs and trees in lawn areas exposed to lawn fertilization will not be fertilized.

Rate will be one (1) pound of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet or equivalent. 5 treatments per year as follows: Horticultural Oil, Fertilizer with micro-nutrients, Insect Control, Fertilizer, and Transfilm for winter protection. All fertilizers shall be applied by broadcasting beyond the drip line taking care to avoid putting fertilizer against the trunk. Fertilizer may be punched into the soil on steep slopes where runoff is likely.

Pest Control

Meadows Farms shall practice Integrated Pest Management (I.P.M.) to control insects, diseases and weeds on and around perennials, ground covers, shrubs, vines, and trees. This will include monthly monitoring and spot treatment as necessary using least toxic methods. Weeds in beds or mulched areas will be removed weekly mechanically or by hand. Herbicides may be employed for heavy infestations. Weeds in paved areas will be controlled with string trimmers.

Deer Control

We will prescribe a schedule for non-toxic preventative spraying with guaranteed results.


Shrubs will be pruned mechanically or by hand to ensure proper informal shape, fullness, and bloom two (2) times per year (spring and fall). Tree pruning will be done once per year and is limited to branches below fifteen (15) feet in height. Meadows Farms will remove all litter. No trees, under utility lines will be pruned and no pruning will be done during or immediately following growth flushes. Branches will be pruned just outside the brand collar. Pruning paint will not be applied. Sucker growth will be removed by hand from the base of trees.

Fall Pruning

Perennials & Ornamentals will be cut back. Deciduous & Evergreen shrubs will be lightly shaped/thinned. Dead-wooding of plant material will be done as needed. Fall pruning occurs after 1st frost.


All existing mulched areas shall be replenished once a year with double shredded hardwood mulch to maintain a depth of three (3) inches. All curb, roadway and bed line edges will be edged to help contain the applied mulch.

Bed Maintenance

Beds are by hand and with the use of herbicides. Perennials will be dead-headed and dead-wooding of plant material will be done once per month from April thru October.