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Donna Pivik, a licensed landscape architect, believes that intelligent exterior space incorporates design principles such as simplicity, proportion and function, in addition to environmental considerations such as drainage, sun/shade, and topography, to name a few.

Typically, homeowners understand these principles as they relate to the interior of their home. However, applying these design principles to exterior environment is more difficult.

For instance, the homeowner abandons notions such as simplicity, proportion and function in order to “must have” the plant that is either, on sale, or “BLOOMING NOW!” After six years of “must have” plants, not to mention wasted expense, little or no consideration to design principles, the outdoor space often looks a bit challenged.

Compare the “must have” approach to hiring a registered landscape architect who will listen to your concerns to develop a comprehensive, sustainable, creative exterior environment that addresses your landscape or hardscape needs within your budget! Donna Pivik understands the importance of effective communication with her clients throughout the design and implementation process, to provide an intelligent, attractive, functional, and low maintenance exterior environment.

Donna completed her undergraduate studies with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Penn State, in addition to completing her graduate studies with a Master degree in Environmental and Urban Planning from the University of Virginia. Donna has over twenty years of experience in landscape architecture and landscape design in the Washington Metropolitan area.

If you are looking to update your landscape or develop a dynamic outdoor living space with a deck or patio, please call 703.348.4431 x 0 and ask for Donna Pivik to be your designer. She has the experience and talent to make your project a success!

Donna Pivik
VA Licensed Landscape Architect #0341