Virginia – Woodbridge, Lake Ridge & Dale City

After 36+ years of hands-on designing and supervising of residential and commercial landscaping projects I now find myself working on my passion, landscape gardening art, through sales and marketing, landscape design/build, customer relations, landscape maintenance and management for the Meadows Farms Landscape Nursery.

In business I’m passionate about customer service and providing a great thoughtful value and service along with great customer service.

In my personal life I’m passionate about community service and specifically servicing in ministry work either through my local church family, or via para-church organizations serving as a volunteer in a Kairos prison ministry.

My core philosophical value system is never return evil for evil. So for me, that means I highly value authentic relationships and genuine love for one another. And of course that same value system by nature bleeds into my work philosophy as well. Being authentic, honest, and building trust are three critical aspects of my work ethic.

And last but never least I am a husband of one beautiful wife, father of five amazing children and grandfather of five awesome grandchildren.