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Deer Resistant Plants

There are many plants that deer don't like to eat, but there are no deer proof plants that deer will not eat. There are a few generalizations that can be made about plants that deer do not like:

  * Plants with aromatic foliage
  * Plants with thorns or sharp foliage
  * Toxic plants
  * Fuzzy leafed plants

Meadows Farms does offer a deer proofing service through our Lawn Care division as well as carry many different products including orgainics at our Garden Centers to deter deer. All these are a humane solution to potential deer damage.

 The following is a selection of plants that are rarely damaged or seldom severely damaged 

Deer Resistant Trees Shrubs Perennials Annuals
Arborvitae, Green Giant Althea (Rose of Sharon) Achillea Ageratum
Arborvitae, Zebrina Barberry varieties Agastache Cleome
Amelanchier Boxwood varieties Aquilegia Coleus
Birch, River Butterfly Bush Baptisia Dianthus
Beech Caryopteris Coreopsis Dusty Miller
Cedar, Blue Atlas & Weeping Clethra Dianthus Gomphrena
Cherry, Flowering varieties Cotoneaster varieties Dicentra Marigold
Cypress, Hinoki Cypress, Goldthread Digitalis Nicotiana
Dogwood, varieties Dogwood, Red Twig Echinacea Salvia
Gum, Sweet Forsythia Eupatorium Snapdragon
Gum, Black Holly, Inkberry Euphorbia Verbena
Holly, American Lilac varieties Ferns Vinca
Holly, Nellie Stevens Nandina varieties Gaillardia Zinnia
Honey Locust Pieris Japonica Geum  
Magnolias, Sweetbay Spirea varieties Grasses  
Magnolia, Royal Star Vitex varieties Helleborus  
Magnolia, Saucer varieties   Heuchera  
Oaks, varieties   Iris  
Pine, Black   Lavender  
Pine, White   Monarda  
Redbud varieties   Nepeta  
Spruce, Colorado   Peony  
Spruce, Dwarf Alberta   Pulmonaria  
Sycamore   Stachys  
This list is hardly comprehensive, and you might experience different results.  Deer have a notorious reputation for being poor readers, therefore, plants that are not thorny, distasteful or smelly might be considered fair game for dinner!