People ask me about specific plants. They often are surprised to find that a plant grows to “x” size or shape or comes in “x” color.

Every plant comes in many varieties. For example, there are English boxwood, American boxwood & Korean boxwood in our nurseries. Further, we carry multiple varieties of Korean boxwood. Some varieties are low & spreading, some are pyramidal, some are columnar & some get big & round.

Crape myrtles are available in a rainbow of colors. The color of a crape myrtle is connected to their variety. This means that a Natchez crape myrtle not only is white flowering, it also grows 25-30’ tall. The Dynamite Crape myrtle, by contrast, has a red flower, is more upright in shape and grows to about 15 ‘ tall.

So it is with most plants. Viburnums & Hollies can grow from 4’-30’ depending on the variety.

How to decide what exact plant to use? Call to meet with one of our Landscape Architects or Designers for professional design & installation. Or go to one of our garden centers for great advice to install yourself.

By Judy Brown, RLA