Growing a healthy lawn organically can be a rewarding experience. Your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood while you are protecting the environment. The following tips will help you succeed:


A thick stand of grass helps to choke out un-wanted weeds in your lawn. Weeds rob moisture, nutrients and light from your grass.


Organic compost should be spread to help break down clay soils. This should help the soil retain moisture during times of drought.


Water you lawn in the morning. AM watering helps to reduce evaporation and helps to prevent fungus from developing. Be sure to water deeply. Deep watering allows the roots to go deep which will protect them during our hot dry summers.

Set Your Mower High

Raise your mower setting to 3”. Fescues and bluegrasses will choke out crabgrass at this height. Make sure your mower blades are sharp. This will allow your grass to recover quickly after a mowing.

Mulch Your Clippings

A mulching blade on your mower allows you to leave the clipping on your lawn. Clippings will decompose and add nitrogen back into the lawn; the added nitrogen reduces the need for fertilizers.

Organic Fertilizers

Use organic fertilizers in the spring and fall. Organic fertilizers use slow release nitrogen. Be sure to follow the label when applying because even organic fertilizers can run off or burn your lawn.

Getting your lawn on an organic plan will take some time and money at first, but the investment will pay for itself with knowledge that you are doing the right thing for our planet! Stop by your favorite Meadows Farms and check out our selection of eco-friendly products.