Meadows Farms Nurseries stocks fresh certified fescue sod. We receive new pallets of sod every week during the spring growing season. For large orders of sod visit or call your nearest Meadows Farms location and we will be happy to make a special order. Our sod is delivered from local sod farms.

Prepare Soil for New Sod

  • Remove all debris and vegetation from planting area
  • Add 1-2″ of Bloom Soil (Bloom Soil covers approximately 300 square feet 1″ deep)
  • Rototill Bloom Soil into soil
  • Rake smooth

Lay your new sod on the prepared soil. When laying sod you need to keep the seams very close together. On a slope lay the sod so that the seams are running across the slope.

Maintaining Sod

  • Keep sod wet until established
  • Fertilize with Pennington Lawn Starter
  • Mow sod when it has grown 2-3″
  • During the first summer, sod will need at least one inch of water per week

Sod Measurements

Our sod is sold in ten square foot rolls.