Tips on Watering Your Plants

The main reason that plants die is because they are either given too much or too little water. With the poor draining, heavy clay soil in our area it is especially important to improve drainage at planting time to prevent moisture problems. The following tips should help to ensure the success of your plants. Remember… Read More

Vacationing with Plants

Home, Sweet Home!! Vacations are great, but it’s always nice to pull up in front of your own place and see… UH-OH… flower stalks bent to the ground with thirst? A brown mat of straw for a front lawn? A big decorative pot full of sticks? Wait a minute – with all that vacation prep,… Read More


Summer Flowering Bulbs

Spring is the season to think summer-flowering bulbs—everything from exotically fragrant lilies to ever-blooming shade-loving begonias. There is such a wide variety of sizes, shapes and color from which to choose—and some are even deer and vole resistant! Dahlias (Photo courtesy of NetPS Plant Finder) First on the pest-resistant list are Dahlias. They have something to… Read More

Indoor Gardening

Indoor gardening or keeping houseplants is a hobby that many outdoor gardeners bewilderingly often do not pursue. Conversely, there are many green thumbs out there who fill their homes and workplaces with plants, yet never touch an outdoor one. With the current trend of blurring of outdoor and indoor living, I’m hoping this strange separation… Read More

How Do You Determine Winter Plant Damage

It’s not unusual for some trees, shrubs, and perennials to look badly damaged, sick, or even dead after the cold winter months. Just because the leaves are brown, droopy, or sickly-looking does not necessarily mean the plant is dead. In some cases, these ugly brown leaves will fall off and sprout new ones. Often, new… Read More

Giving Tender Plants Winter Protection

“Bundle up!” We all heard this from our moms when we went out to play in the winter snow and winds. The same advice applies to your tender and newer outdoor plantings. The frigid northern winds and freezing nighttime temps can damage or kill those perennials, shrubs, and trees that are more marginal in our… Read More