Tips on Watering Your Plants

The main reason that plants die is because they are either given too much or too little water. With the poor draining, heavy clay soil in our area it is especially important to improve drainage at planting time to prevent moisture problems. The following tips should help to ensure the success of your plants. Remember… Read More

Vacationing with Plants

Home, Sweet Home!! Vacations are great, but it’s always nice to pull up in front of your own place and see… UH-OH… flower stalks bent to the ground with thirst? A brown mat of straw for a front lawn? A big decorative pot full of sticks? Wait a minute – with all that vacation prep,… Read More


Daylilies are not your grandmother’s yellow and orange summer flowers growing out by the mailbox anymore. The genus Hemerocallis (Daylilies) has gone through tremendous hybridization in the past ten years. Many of the daylily species produced for today’s gardeners have been manipulated by adding sets of chromosomes (Tetraploid) to the plant which aids in producing… Read More

Summertime Watering Tips

Summer time is here and many homeowners like to water their lawns and landscapes to keep the grass green and the plants healthy. Here are some tips to follow for effective and efficient watering. Water in the early morning. This is the time to water because lower temperatures mean less evaporation. It usually is calm… Read More