Home, Sweet Home!! Vacations are great, but it’s always nice to pull up in front of your own place and see… UH-OH… flower stalks bent to the ground with thirst? A brown mat of straw for a front lawn? A big decorative pot full of sticks? Wait a minute – with all that vacation prep, who took care of lining up someone to do a little watering in your absence? Looks like you’ll have to plan a little better next time!

If the weather forecast is predicting HEAT, your plants will need water just as they do when you’re in town. Your best bet is to line up a friend or neighbor who can stop by and check things out every 2nd or 3rd day.

If you don’t have an automated irrigation system, ask your friend to turn on a lawn sprinkler when they arrive so the yard is getting watered during their visit. Supply a map or diagram of your yard highlighting newer plantings that need special attention. If possible, demonstrate “how to water” – or describe in your notes, e.g. “Medium spray for one minute”.
Remember that areas receiving more sun, especially afternoon sun, and plants with larger leaves (e.g. hydrangeas) will dry out faster, and will need more water to hold them between waterings.

If you have container plantings, it is helpful to but them all together in the shadiest (i.e. coolest) place in the yard. They will be easier to water if they are together, and the shade will keep them moist longer. (If your plants have saucers, ask your friend to dump them so they don’t become home for mosquito larvae.)

Don’t forget about Gator Bags (we sell them AND rent them) those shapeless plastic bags you fill with water and place at the base of a tree. They are great for a slow deep watering!

Got indoor plants? Again, they will be better in diffused light, and will need less water while you are away!