Summer phlox, or garden phlox, is a flowering perennial native to the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. An upright grower, summer phlox can grow from two to four feet tall depending on the variety with a spread of one to three feet. Summer phlox is most popular with gardeners for their large, dome-shaped clusters of flowers which come in a multitude of different color options. The shape and style of blooms make garden phlox great plants for attracting pollinators to your yard.

While pests are minimal, summer phlox do have a problem with powdery mildew in hot, humid climates like our summers can get. The best practice for combating this mildew is neem oil or a systemic multi-purpose fungicide along with division every few years to keep the plants healthy.

Summer phlox can make great additions to any perennial flower garden. Check out some of the varieties we carry at Meadows Farms. Please note that not every location will carry every variety, so please contact or visit your local Meadows Farms garden center for availability information.

Coral Flame
Cotton Candy
Eva Cullum
Franz Schubert
Grape Lollipop
Lilac Flame
Orange Perfection
Pink Flame
Purple Flame