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March is the month of mulching here at Meadows Farms, and for a good reason. Most gardens are empty and clean of weeds, established plants are just beginning to start growing, And the soil is just beginning to warm up after the long winter. I would contend that mulching is probably one of the first steps necessary to ensure your garden starts on the right foot every season. Don’t believe me? Here are five reasons why you should apply mulch to your garden this season.

Keeps Weeds Under Control

In my opinion, the most unenjoyable and labor-intensive part of maintaining a garden is weeding. So many hot, humid days in the middle of summer trashing my knees and straining my back trying to pull the fifty-thousand varieties of weeds that invade the garden and rob precious moisture from my plants. Applying mulch is a great way to limit weed growth and save yourself a lot of time and effort later. Mulch blocks light and air from the soil surface, hindering weed growth. It won’t eliminate all weeds, but it will undoubtedly keep numbers under control.

If you’re looking for even more weed protection, apply a weed preventer such as Preen or Espoma Organic Corn Gluten. The pre-emergents will keep any new weeds from taking root, giving your mulched beds an extra layer of protection. You can apply these at the same time that your mulching and several times throughout the season for best results.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Heavy rains can cause erosion in the topsoil of your gardens, which not only limits the amount of soil available but also leeches vital nutrients from the earth that your plants need. By applying mulch, this helps keep erosion in check and protect the health of your soil.

Regulates Soil Temperature

Mulch is excellent for controlling soil temperatures and protecting your plant’s root systems throughout the growing season. In the heat of the summer, mulch will help to keep the soil cool by retaining moisture and limiting harsh sunlight. During the dead of winter, mulch will help insulate plant roots from the cold so that they can continue growing strong even if your plants above ground have gone dormant.

Enriches the Soil

Throughout the season, mulch will break down and degrade, which is great for your plants. This process will add nutrients to enhance not only the earth but also attracts beneficial insects like earthworms which help improve the quality of the soil as well.

Keeps Plants Moist

I know, this has not been a big problem for the D.C. Metro area throughout the last year. But in typical weather conditions plants can quickly dry out, especially during our long, humid summer months. A fresh three-inch layer of mulch applied in the spring will help prevent water supplied by your watering efforts and from Mother Nature from rapidly evaporating, keeping moisture on the plant longer. This extra moisture will allow for less intensive watering demands each day.

So hopefully this shows you how important it is to refresh your mulch each season in your garden. Fortunately for you, this week is the best time to get started because it’s MULCH MADNESS time. From today until Wednesday, March 20th we’re offering our three cubic foot shredded hardwood mulch for the low price of $14 for four bags. This price is the lowest price of the season so get stocked up now!

13 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Mulch Your Garden This Season

    1. You can remove last year’s mulch if you’d like to, but if you just want to freshen up the top layer with new mulch that works too. Generally, you want to aim for 2 to three inches of mulch in your beds, so you can just adjust your totals with the mulch that is currently there.

  1. Technically, bark mulches can last anywhere from seven to ten years, but erosion from heavy rains and fading from sunlight mean you should probably at least apply a mulch topdress each season to freshen things up.

    1. Hi, Terry. The online preorder period has expired, but you can still order bags in-store or over the phone at our current Mulch Madness sale prices.

    1. Hi, Laura. Delivery is available for the Mulch Madness deal. Your local Meadows Farms will have all the information for delivery pricing.

  2. What type of tree(s) does your mulch come from? Do you sell it by the scoop? What size is the scoop? If i spread it 3″ deep, how much area will one scoop cover? What is the cost per scoop?

    1. Our mulch comes from various hardwood trees. We do sell it by the scoop (1 cubic yard) or in 3 cubic foot bags.

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