Deer, rabbits, squirrels, groundhogs, Oh My!!! This sounds like a nightmare for gardeners! These animals, as well as cats and dogs, can be harmful to vegetable gardens, tender plants, flowers, and crops.

The main culprit of damage in our area is the White Tailed Deer. Deer population is on the rise and the damage to our landscaping is too. Mechanical solutions such as fencing and netting can be used to deter deer. Using plants that deer do not like to eat will help as well. See our website for a list of deer resistant plants.

There are many safe organic solutions to help control wildlife as well. Meadows Farms carries safe and effective repellents manufactured by Messina Wildlife Management. Messina’s products have been shown to last up to 30 days regardless of weather, even during rain, snow and regular watering. Messina products use pleasant smelling natural odors that animals do not like. Wild animals’ sense of smell is much greater than humans so when they smell bad odors they stay away. Liquid products from Messina can be sprayed directly on areas where pesky wildlife needs to be controlled. The animal is not injured in the control process.