An evergreen with scale-like leaves, arborvitae (Thuja) is a popular choice for hedges because of its tall, narrow growth habit. It can also be used as a focal point in a mixed border of shrubs and flowers and is frequently used in foundation plantings. Smaller varieties are a great choice for containers or patios. Most arborvitaes are easy to grow and require very little maintenance throughout the season. The only drawback is that arborvitae needs well-draining soil to thrive, so keep them away from low-lying areas where water tends to collect.


Meadows Farms Nurseries carries a large supply of arborvitae, both large upright forms, and lower shrub forms. The varieties below are just a sampling of arborvitae that we carry. Be advised that sizes and availability do vary by location so be sure to contact your local Meadows Farms retail nursery for size, pricing, and availability information.

Berkman’s Gold

An attractive evergreen shrub for color accent in the home landscape, featuring bright yellow foliage which fades to lime green, useful in foundation plantings, hedges, or focal point in the landscape; very adaptable, protect from drying winter winds.

Degroot’s Spire

A pencil-thin spire-like evergreen accent for home landscape use, with a spiraling tendency of growth; a most unique specimen in the hands of inspired gardeners, hardy and adaptable, use as a solitary; best with some sun, protect from drying winds.

Emerald Green

The ubiquitous tall hedge evergreen always seen planted in rows, this is a narrow, upright accent evergreen, dense foliage held in vertical sprays remains bright green year round; hardy and adaptable, takes pruning well, protect from the winter sun.


A sturdy and beautiful evergreen tree with a nice pyramidal shape; takes pruning exceptionally well, a perfect selection as a trimmed hedge, vertical accent, or dense screen; more adaptable to different soil conditions.

Fire Chief

A distinctive landscape evergreen for color effect, featuring showy reddish foliage at the tips when grown in full sun; tends to be more greenish-orange when shaded; excellent for color accent use in home gardens and landscapes; protect from drying winds.


A neat and uniformly rounded evergreen garden shrub with attractive gray-green foliage which turns brown in fall that doesn’t require pruning to maintain its form; a fine choice for the home garden for its shape, does best in more humid environments.

Golden Globe

A distinctive landscape evergreen for color effect, featuring showy gold foliage all season, forms a dense rounded ball shape without pruning; excellent for color accent use in home gardens and landscapes; best with some sun, protect from drying winds.

Green Giant

A stately looking upright evergreen that grows uniformly and is perfect for privacy or wind screening; very resilient and resists ice and snow damage, grow in almost any soil type.


A compact pyramidal evergreen shrub with dense golden spray-like foliage turning yellowish-brown in winter; ideal size for home gardens and shrub borders, fuzzy foliage has a notably fine texture; best with some sun, protect from drying winds.


A brilliant evergreen shrub for home landscapes that maintains a dense, compact pyramid shape without pruning, features bright golden foliage all year long, makes a great color accent; hardy and adaptable, best with plentiful sunlight, protect from drying winds.


A sturdy and hardy shrub that is ideal for foundation and rock garden plantings; must be sheared annually to maintain globe shape; foliage is consistently green all year long and resists winter burning, takes pruning very well.