A fruit tree in your landscape is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come. Once you allow a fruit tree to become established, it will provide a bountiful harvest of your favorite fruits that are fresher and so much sweeter than anything you can find in your local supermarket. This series of posts will showcase just some of the varieties we carry in our stores.


Plums are a popular fruit for cooking, jam making, bottling, and canning. The sweeter varieties are among the most delicious dessert fruits. There are many varieties of plums available, but the Santa Rosa is the most popular. Standard and dwarf varieties should bear fruit in two to three years. Plant standard trees 20 feet apart and dwarf plums 12 feet apart.


This variety bears large crimson-red fruit with a sweet flavor. A pollinizer is not absolutely necessary, but fruit production will increase if there is one. Full sun and well-drained soil are the ideal environment for these.