Calibrachoa are by far the most popular premium annual on the market due to their versatility in the garden. They resemble miniature petunias and come in a full spectrum of colors. Calibrachoa add excellent “spiller” & “filler” color in any mixed combination planter. They work great in the landscape as border annuals or as a mass of color in beds. They also make beautiful hanging baskets.

This wonderful blast of color will grow 5 -12” tall and 12-16” wide depending on the variety. They need full sun and react
very well to fertilizer. Fertilize once every three weeks with a water soluble fertilizer like Jacks or Miracle-Gro to keep these plants profusely popping petals from early spring until late Fall when we get a hard frost. Too much water can be detrimental to these annuals as their roots don’t like staying wet and will rot. Make sure the soil feels dry before giving them a drink.

Calibrachoas are extremely heat tolerant and have great resistance to pests and disease. They are a low maintenance
plant that does not require deadheading (picking off the old blooms) or pinching and pruning to keep their great shape.

We carry over twenty varieties of Calibrachoa so surely we’ll have a flavor (or two) you’ll love.