Succulents, plants that store water in their leaves, stems, trunks, or roots, make easy-care container plants for both outdoor or indoor settings. They grow in many parts of the world, but are generally found in areas with low rainfall, and have adapted to extended dry periods. As container plants, they should receive direct morning or… Read More


Calibrachoa are by far the most popular premium annual on the market due to their versatility in the garden. They resemble miniature petunias and come in a full spectrum of colors. Calibrachoa add excellent “spiller” & “filler” color in any mixed combination planter. They work great in the landscape as border annuals or as a… Read More

Tropical Flowers - Hibiscus


Transform your patio into an oasis of color by adding pots of blooming tropical annuals. Simply filling a few nice ceramic pots with several of these blooming beauties and your patio will become an outdoor living room. Whether it’s a tree or bush form Hibiscus, or a Mandevilla on a trellis, or many of the… Read More

wave petunias

Wave Petunias

The nation’s # 1 groundcover annual! Wave Petunias were introduced in 1995 by Ball Seed. They have grown in popularity due to their tremendous performance in the landscape. The Waves come in a full range of colors: pink, rose, purple, white, red, blue, and misty lilac. The breeders have also come up with some very… Read More