Tropical Flowers - Hibiscus

Transform your patio into an oasis of color by adding pots of blooming tropical annuals. Simply filling a few nice ceramic pots with several of these blooming beauties and your patio will become an outdoor living room. Whether it’s a tree or bush form Hibiscus, or a Mandevilla on a trellis, or many of the other full color mature plants we have to offer, purchasing just one plant may be impossible.

Choose a Gardenia tree in a sunny spot and enjoy the irresistible fragrance the milky-white flowers produce. If it is indeed, fragrance you prefer, Jasmine is another perfect choice for your patio, front porch or deck. Just make sure you keep these pots close to areas that folks walk by so these guys can share their aroma with friends and family.

To create that wall of color on a trellis, mailbox or railing, Mandevilla or Dipladenia would be the right call. We have them in an array of summer colors: pink, red, white and even some combination plants of red and white blooms together in one pot. All of these Tropical Annuals will give you full color pleasure from now until those cold nights in October.

Stop on by your local Meadows Farms Nursery to see the huge selection of Tropical Annuals.