Succulents, plants that store water in their leaves, stems, trunks, or roots, make easy-care container plants for both outdoor or indoor settings. They grow in many parts of the world, but are generally found in areas with low rainfall, and have adapted to extended dry periods. As container plants, they should receive direct morning or late afternoon sun, dappled sun, or very light shade. Most prefer to be shaded from the hottest mid-day sun. Always use a light, well-draining potting mix in a container with drainage holes. Use a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus (P) content to encourage slower, compact growth for these “fat plants.”

There are hardy succulents such as the familiar “Hen and chicks” (Sempervivum) and many varieties of sedum. Check out our perennial sedum page to learn more about these. Others are tropical or sub-tropical in origin, and can be wintered inside in a bright window. It is best to pot succulents only with other succulents so that their water requirements will match, but with the wide variety of plants available, an interesting and attractive succulent container garden is fun and easy.

 “Succulents for Beginners”

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