Great Plants for Fall

There are so many wonderful plant choices for annual and perennial beds along with great trees and shrubs for specimen plantings. Take a look at the list below for a handful of plants that are just coming into their prime in the fall. Aster A wonderful cut flower, asters make any garden explode with color… Read More

Ornamental cabbages and pansies in a wash basin container

Fall Mixed Containers

Fall is the time to freshen up all of your mixed containers. A fabulous mixed patio container is easier than you think! Here’s what you need: Your Container Get creative! Resin, pottery, plastic, tin, wash basins, kitchen sinks, or little red wagons—all types of containers are fair game! Choose a container with drainage holes or… Read More

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

With the heat of summer behind you, it is time once again to start looking forward to the satisfaction that comes from having a lush green lawn. Whether you are starting from scratch or hoping to add new life to a tired lawn, a few basic pointers will start you on the road to success. In… Read More

Fall Foliage

Fall is rapidly approaching, and the foliage will be turning soon. No matter what season you’re shopping in, selecting plants that offer fall color or berries will add to the appeal of your landscape for an extended season. Here is a chart to get you started. Remember that FALL is for PLANTING! Plant Information

The benefits of fall gardening

Benefits of Fall Gardening

In our area, fall is the ideal time to plant all kinds of things from cool-season veggies, turf grasses, and perennials to both evergreen and deciduous trees and shrubs. Yet, strangely, when it comes to planting, many homeowners think only of spring. Officially Fall Fall officially begins with the autumnal equinox in late September. Basically,… Read More

Planting Spring-Blooming Bulbs in the Fall

Fall is the season to think spring-flowering bulbs—colorful tulips, cheerful daffodils, fragrant hyacinths. To help make your spring garden as trouble-free as possible, we answered some of the most commonly asked questions here. For a list of recommended spring-blooming bulbs, visit Types of Spring-Blooming Bulbs in our information archive. When is the best time to plant bulbs… Read More