As the state flower of both North Carolina and Virginia, dogwoods are a highly sought after tree in our area. Dogwoods began their history prized more for their wood than for their beautiful blooms. In Europe, the thin stems of hardwood were used to make arrow shafts and daggers, while the Native Americans used the… Read More

Farmer’s 5 Step Rose Care Plan

Plant new roses using a high-quality soil such as Meadows Farms Planting Mix or any other good soil that is high in organic matter. Plant with a good starter fertilizer like Espoma Organic’s Bio-tone Plus to encourage strong root formation. Water thoroughly. In early March, fertilize existing roses with your favorite rose fertilizer. We recommend… Read More

Traditional & Climbing Roses

Roses are a beloved part of our gardens, with an abundance of styles and colors to choose from! Climbing Roses: Add grace & nostalgia to any garden. Use them on walls & fences, pillars & posts, trellises or entrance ways. An added bonus is that they require very little pruning. Almost all are repeat bloomers…. Read More

Knockout Roses

Everyone loves roses, and one of the most popular varieties on the market is the long-lasting Knockout Rose. Knockout Roses have earned their popularity by having a consistent bloom throughout the summer, by being easy to grow, and by not requiring the special care of other hybrid rose types. Knockouts are cold tolerant up to… Read More

Drift Groundcover Roses

Drift Groundcover Roses Drift roses are a cross between full-size groundcover roses and miniatures. From the groundcover roses they kept toughness, disease resistance and winter hardiness. From the miniatures, they inherited a well-managed size and repeat-blooming nature. The low, spreading habit of Drift is perfect for small gardens and combination planters. They brighten borders, fill… Read More


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” With over 100 species of roses throughout the world, there is a variety for everyone! Whether climbing or crawling, fragrant or simply beautiful, vibrant red or pure white, these attractive plants have been a garden staple for generations! Learn more about rose varieties: Drift Groundcover… Read More



Barberry is an unsung hero of the modern garden. They make an excellent hedge, provide foliage colors from a variety of different spectrums, and are deer and pest resistant. As it shares the shape of other hedge favorites such as boxwood or compacta holly, barberry offers a variety of color choices that others do not…. Read More


If you are looking for a shrub that has lacy foliage; colorful fall foliage color, interesting flowers, autumn berries and is evergreen, take a good look at Nandina Domestica. Commonly called Heavenly Bamboo, this plant has just about everything a homeowner could ask for, all in one plant. Nandina can be used in virtually any part… Read More