Warm weather will bring the broadleaf weeds to life in your lawn. Apply Weed & Feed at the first sign of unwanted weeds.

Pennington’s Signature Weed and Feed controls over 200 types of weeds and also feeds your existing lawns. It kills weeds that are actively growing. Killing weeds and feeding will help get your lawn in good shape going into our notoriously hot and dry summers.

Here are a few tips to help you during the application of granular weed and feed:

  1. Make sure weeds are actively growing.
  2. Do not mow for three or four days prior to application.
  3. Use a broadcast spreader to make sure you get even application. Follow label directions for application rates.
  4. Do not spill weed and feed on the lawn. A spill can cause over application and cause burn out. If you spill use a broom to spread it out.
  5. After application, do not mow for two to three days and lightly water your lawn if there has been no rain for two days.

Broadleaf Weed Controls

For weeds growing in the lawn you can also control them without fertilizing. Bonide’s Weed Beater Ultra can be sprayed on lawns without killing the grass. It is proven to work even while the night time temperatures are cool. You can apply Weed Beater Ultra and then re-seed in as early as two weeks. Results can be seen within a few hours on actively growing weeds.