Fall plantings are not limited to just mums anymore. This is just a small sampling of the many perennials you can plant in the fall found at any of our locations. Many of these perennials either bloom in the fall or have great fall color in their foliage. Plus, all perennials benefit from being planted in the fall as the cool temperatures and abundant rainfall are perfect for perennial root growth. To learn more about these and many other varieties of perennials, annuals, trees, and shrubs, visit our Plant Finder Tool.

Achillea (Yarrow)

Though typically thought of as a summer bloomer, many varieties of Yarrow bloom well into the fall. Yarrow is a herbaceous perennial with mounded forms of flowers. These flowers are irresistible to butterflies, making them a great plant for sustaining local pollinators. Yarrow is not particularly attractive to deer, making them a great color choice for deer-infested gardens. They also make a great cut or dried flower for indoor and patio arrangements. Plant them in full sun and you’ll have a colorful summer and fall display year after year.


Fall-blooming Anemone is a perennial that comes in a multitude of colors which are a lovely accent to existing plantings. Anemone is great in partial shade but will tolerate full sun as well. Even when not in bloom, anemones have very attractive, glossy foliage that is relatively free of pest and disease damage during the worst of the summer months. The branching flower stems of an anemone are great for cutting for an indoor arrangement and are at peak performance from late summer into early fall.


Asters are a wonderful fall-blooming perennial for full sun that can easily couple with or take the place of chrysanthemums in your garden space. They are easy to grow and deer resistant, making them one of the best options for color in a deer populated area. Blooms range from rich lavender to creamy white and are great for pollinators. Asters are a low maintenance perennial that blooms in both full sun and light shade. They are great for mass flower plantings in a flower bed but can also be showy in outdoor pots and containers.

Echinacea (Coneflower)

A prolific summer bloomer, coneflowers provide excellent color options into the fall season when planted in groupings of other coneflowers. In fact, there are so many colors now available through breeding over recent years that you’re sure to find a variety to suit your needs. They are great for areas of full sun, attract pollinators, and are deer resistant as well, so you really can’t go wrong. Most varieties produce large, showy blooms which are excellent for cuttings. Some varieties, such as the ‘Magnus,’ are natives to our area, and are great additions for those looking to start a perennial native garden. To learn more about the various varieties of Echinaceas, visit our Echinacea page for more.

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

This wonderful full shade to part sun perennial has excellent foliage for the fall (as well as the spring and summer). Heuchera comes in a multitude of different shades and hues giving you a full-color showing just with its foliage. This means that the color lasts throughout the entirety of the growing season. It tolerates dry soil and is deer-resistant, making them perfect for a woodland garden or any gardens plagued by deer. Some varieties even produce tiny flowers on tall, thin stalks during the spring and summer season, adding another layer of interest to these versatile plants. To learn more about the various varieties of Heuchera, visit out Heuchera page for more.


The upright sedum are a classic fall perennial blooming in shades of pink in September and blooming strong into October. Its thick, succulent leaves give sedum an attractive and interesting foliage aspect in the garden which helps it tolerate periods of drought, and its clusters of blooms are great attractants for butterflies and bees. Sedums are perfect for mass plantings to add a splash of fall color to a perennial bed. Some varieties of spreading Sedum can even act as a sunny groundcover for rock gardens. A true fall favorite! To learn more about the various varieties of Sedum available, visit our Sedum page for more.

Ornamental Grasses

A mainstay for any landscape, ornamental grasses provide four seasons of interest and their plumes give off a firework show every fall. There are so many different varieties of ornamental grasses with various plumes and blade shapes and sizes that there are too many to list here. They are great for full sun locations and some varieties can even tolerate wet areas. They are easy to maintain and provide constant aesthetic benefits every season, but it is in the fall when ornamental grasses really shine! During the fall their bloom season gets into full swing, producing the showy plumes that make grasses so popular.