Lawn renovation services in DC metro area

Early Spring is ideal for planting grass seed for starting new lawns or repairing lawn damage from the winter. Meadows Farms recommends the following steps for creating a beautiful green lawn.

Prepare the soil

Bare Spots and New Lawns

  • Remove all debris from planting area
  • Add 1″ of Bloom Soil ( one cubic yard of Bloom Soil will cover approximately 300 square feet inch deep)
  • Rototill
  • Rake smooth


  • Mow lawn as short as possible
  • Rake thoroughly to remove thatch
  • Aerate lawn to allow better air and water penentration into soil

Fertilize planting area

  • Use Pennington Lawn Starter per label recommendation
  • Apply Fast Acting Lime 30 pounds per 5000 square feet.

Select and planting seed

  • Select grass seed based on light and traffic
  • Spread seed evenly with a broadcast spreader
  • Gently rake, working seed into soil about 1/4″


  • Water daily to keep soil moist
  • Do no allow top 1/2″ of soil to dry out until seedlings have fully emerged
  • once grass becomes established , reduce watering to 1/2″ twice a week.

Let Our Experts Handle Your Lawn Care

Meadows Farms specializes in lawn care offering weekly mowing, edging, and trimming to residents in the D.C. metro area. We also handle aeration, over-seeding, slit-seeding, top dressing, pest control and more. Learn more about our lawn care services.