The fall season is one of the best seasons for planting your perennials. By planting them now, you’re helping them to establish healthy root systems.

New perennials planted in the spring only have a short amount of time to prepare their root systems to survive the summer heat and drought. Their young root systems must not only deal with these harsh conditions but must also produce enough nutrients and water to support months of growth and flowering as well.

By planting your perennials in the fall instead, their root systems will have ample time to grow throughout the fall and winter months. That’s right! Even when the perennial has died back for the winter it’s roots are still growing and expanding beneath the surface without the stress of having to provide nutrients like it must in the spring. This ensures that your perennials will have a head start next summer with a stronger and deeper root system that will give them a better chance of surviving the harsh conditions of our summers.

This is also a great time to start planting perennials in container gardens. Container-grown perennials are so easy to plant. Start by digging a hole that’s a little wider but no deeper than the growing pot of your new perennial. Loosen the roots by hand and spread them out prior to placing them in the hole. This will make sure the roots do not continue to grow in the shape of the container they were in but instead grow downward. Add some potting soil or planting mix and firm the soil around the roots. Top all new plant material with 2 – 3 inches of mulch for winter protection and then water well.