Rudbeckia, which is commonly referred to as Black-eyed Susan, is a great, easy care and very hardy summer perennial in our area. During the summer months, these perennials are loaded with daisy-like flowers in shades of yellow, orange, and recently even some burnt umbers and reds. Each flower is capped by a large, dark seed… Read More


There are many varieties of sedum (also known as stonecrops) that are excellent summer perennials. Sedum is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Crassulaceae which have succulent leaves. These succulent leaves are great for holding moisture and require very little water once established. For this reason, sedum performs excellently in full sun… Read More

Summer Phlox & Garden Phlox

Summer phlox, or garden phlox, is a flowering perennial native to the eastern United States and southeastern Canada. An upright grower, summer phlox can grow from two to four feet tall depending on the variety with a spread of one to three feet. Summer phlox is most popular with gardeners for their large, dome-shaped clusters… Read More


The peony plant is considered an herbaceous perennial (dying back to the ground each winter and emerging in the spring). There are woody types of peonies called Tree Peonies as well. The perennial Peony bears attractive glossy green foliage that typically grows to about 3’ in height with a similar spread, but their popularity is… Read More

What is A Bulb?

Ask most people what tulips, daffodils, crocus, and dahlias have in common, and they’ll tell you that they are all bulbs. They’d be half right. Only the tulips and daffodils are true bulbs. Crocuses are corms, and dahlias are tuberous roots. True BULBS are miniature plants in a neat little package. They contain fleshy, modified… Read More